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Introduction to JINGYUAN
Introduction to JINGYUAN
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Introduction to JINGYUAN Group
Introduction to JINGYUAN Group

JINGYUAN Solar Energy is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacture of products using renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, etc., and is under the investment and control of JINGYUAN Group  which is a enlisted company . The mission statement of the company is the promotion of  “Green power changes the world” “harmonious co-existence for man and the nature”.

The company gathers a group of specialized talent, covering various areas such as technical development, cooperation management, marketing, etc., who earliest became engaged with the industry in our country, and they have formed a strong and competent team, and maintained international advanced level in the manufacture of products such as medium and small power off-grid wind turbine generator system, PV module, control inverter, solar energy charger, etc. MW scale wind generator is also approximating the assembly stage.
In the first phase, The annual production capability of BEST Solar is 50MW, and the number will go up to 100MW in three years when we fulfill the second phase of the project.
The company has extremely widespread and the original raw materialsupply originates with the solar cell product marketing channel. These all are BEST company bases in the professionnot the but actually capital and the safeguard. The company receives "cooperates double wins" the idea. Welcome everywhere friends to come to discuss the service, hand inhand makes the contribution for the global solar energy enterprise.
Our company from US, Germany, Japan and so on country introductionadvanced production equipment and check-out facility; At the same time, has the specialized technical talented person whichone batch has many years experience. These kind of reliable equipments assure higher quality products
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